Unforgettable Things to Do in the Balearic Islands

Unforgettable Things to Do in the Balearic Islands

Famous for its tapas, flamenco, architecture, beach, and culture, Spain is a popular destination for just about any type of traveler. Besides its stunning mountains and vibrant cities, it has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean. But have you heard of the Balearic Islands? And what exactly are some of the things to do in the Balearic Islands? 

Along with its coastline, Spain is also home to over 60 islands, including the Balearic Islands, which are an archipelago in the Balearic Sea and consist of four main islands, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, all of which are popular destinations, although some more than others. Ibiza is an internationally known party destination where the many famous DJs play at the most exclusive nightclubs. Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is renowned for its coastline, secluded coves, architecture, beaches, and delicious cuisine, including wine. Although less famous than its two other siblings, Menorca is still a popular destination for beach-goers as it is home to turquoize-watered bays called calas and an extensive coastline. Formentera is the smallest of the islands, but still a pleasure to visit as its turquoise blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches make it the perfect day trip if you are looking to spend the way out in the sun or snorkeling underneath the water. 


  • The currency in Spain is the Euro. ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist destinations. 
  • Only five of the Balearic Islands, Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera, and Cabrera, 151 smaller isles, are inhabited. 
  • Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic islands and is loved for its clear waters and long stretches of beach backed by dunes and pine trees.
  • Ibiza might be famed as a party island, but it boasts many picturesque and peaceful spots, especially the south coast with its charming seaside villages. 
  • The highest point of the Balearic Islands is the Puig Major on Mallorca, with an altitude of 1432 meters above sea level. 
  • The island of Mallorca is also one of Europe’s top destinations for cyclists thanks to smooth roads, courteous drivers, easy bike hire, plentiful cycle-friendly hotels, and a wide range of landscapes that all types of riders can enjoy.
  • Each region in Spain has a different cuisine, so make sure to experiment depending on what area you travel to. 
  • Many stores, restaurants, and shops close during lunchtime for “siesta” (which means nap in Spanish). Siesta is usually between 2 pm to 5 pm but the time varies depending on the locale. 
  • Dinner in Spain is often eaten late at night, between 9 pm and midnight and if you plan on going out to a nightclub, make sure you don’t arrive before 1 pm.  

How to Get to & Around the Balearic Islands. 

There are several ways that you can get to the Balearic Islands. Some American airlines offer direct flights from major US cities to Barcelona. From Barcelona, local carriers offer short daily flights to Ibiza, Menorca, and Palma de Mallorca Airport, the third-largest airport in Spain. Formentera is only accessible by boat from Ibiza. If you plan to go by boat from Barcelona, there are major ferry carriers that operate daily overnight ferries from Barcelona, Valencia, and Dénia. 

Once you arrive on one of the islands, island-hopping is simple as ferries run daily between all of the main islands. If you plan to visit all four of the islands, make sure to start with Menorca, followed by Majorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. However, if you want to explore some of the other islands within the region, we recommend chartering a yacht in the Balearic Islands.

There is so much to see and do on the islands, and a charter yacht and help you do it all. From partying the night away in Ibiza, the world capital of beachfront dancing, to tasting wine produced since Roman times to exploring some of the four islands 360 beaches, there is nothing quite like exploring these stunning islands at your own pace on your private yacht. Did we mention that a yacht can also take you to some of the uninhabited beaches? Why not explore the famous Cabrera Archipelago Maritime-Terrestrial National Park and swim with dolphins and whales? There are so many things to do in the Balearic Islands, and a yacht can take you where you want to go. Are you ready for a lifetime experience? Learn more about chartering a yacht in the Balearic Islands here [include a link to your services].

Best Time to Visit 

Whether you come in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the Balearics Islands are a beautiful region to visit. But when is the best time to see if you plan on chartering a yacht in the Balearic Islands? 

Well, summer is the best season to visit the region, specifically between June to September. The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches, swim, sail, and see the islands. If you are looking for guaranteed hot and dry weather, this is the best time to visit. During the summer months, primarily during July and August, the temperature reaches the high 80s°F. The best things to do in the Balearic Islands also happen during the summer months, including concerts, festivals, and cultural events. However, as this is the busy season, keep in mind that this region will be crowded with tourists. 

However, if you are looking to beat the crowds, you can opt to sail during the spring, specifically May and June. May and June are at the start of summer, which means the weather is getting hotter, but the crowds haven’t yet descended on the islands. It is best to avoid the islands during the autumn as the rainiest months in the region are October and November. Snow in the winter is usually limited to Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, though snow can fall in other areas.

What to Pack

As the main tourist attractions are the beaches and islands on the Mediterranean coast, casual and light clothes are the best option to bring to the Balearic Islands. It is always good to have something cool to wear when partying and something more formal for a romantic evening in a restaurant. We recommend packing: 

  • T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses
  • Flip-flops, walking shoes, and sandals
  • Swimwear and water shoes 
  • Protection from the sun, including a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen
  • A light jacket and pants for cooler evenings
  • Bug Spray
  • Waterproof case for your phone or camera
  • Adapters and converters for your electronic devices

The Best Things to Do in the Balearic Islands

​​The Balearic Islands have a long history that dates back to the ancient civilizations of Greece and Phoenicia, and there are traces of human habitation going back nearly 8,000 years. The archipelago contains many smaller islands, including Cabrera, just waiting to be explored with your private yacht. Here are some of the best things to do in the Balearic Islands. 

Visit the Biggest Island, Majorca

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic chain. Its capital, La Palma de Mallorca, is a charming city with a large Gothic cathedral and an attractive old quarter. Here are a couple of attractions on the island you shouldn’t miss: 

  • Don’t miss the famous “Dragon Caves” on Majorca and its underground lake. The Cuevas del Drach caves contain a large underground lake, Lake Martel, located 25 meters below ground level. The lake itself is considered one of the largest underground lakes in the world. 
  • Take the Sóller train and discover the Mallorcan landscape. The train, which opened in 1912, operates daily and is the perfect way to explore the island's beauty. 
  • Go wine tasting at one of the many wineries on the island. The oldest winery is the family-owned Bodega Ribas, established in 1711 and is located in the village of Consell. 
  • Make sure to also visit one of the island’s charming towns, like Deia or Pollenca. If you visit Pollenca, make sure to climb the 365 Calavari steps from the old town to the 18th-century chapel, Oratori del Calvari. 
  • Sail to one of the most beautiful coves on the island, Platja des Coll Baix, home to one of the best beaches on the island. The beach can only be reached by foot (medium-difficulty trek for about four miles) or boat. 

History, Culture, Food and Sunshine In Menorca

Menorca is the smaller and quieter sister of Mallorca, and its lack of clubbing towns makes it particularly appealing for anyone looking to relax. Although small and relatively unknown compared to its Spanish sisters, what Menorca lacks in size, it makes up for in charm and character. The island was founded in the 14th century, and it has a real ancient feeling to it as there are reminders of early pre-history activity at every turn. Menorca is also great for outdoor activities and nature exploration. Here are a couple of things you should not miss when visiting this island: 

  • Although the island is famous for its beaches, travelers shouldn’t overlook the island's interior, which is known as a botanist’s paradise. Menorca is designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 
  • Make sure to visit the island's capital, Mahón. The city is almost home to Europe’s second-largest natural harbor. 
  • Walk the circular path around the entire island. The 116-mile Cami de Cavalls is an ancient coastal bridleway that encircles the island taking travelers to remote beaches, plunging cliffs, and secluded beauty spots. 
  • The island is perfect for sports enthusiasts, and many adventure sports companies can organize everything from trekking, mountain biking, kayaking to snorkeling. 
  • When the sun goes down, head on over to Cova d’en Xorio bar to watch the sun go down; once the sun goes down, the bar turns into a nightclub where you can party the night away. 
  • Make sure to try the Menorcan caldera de llagosta or lobster stew. It is a signature dish of Menorca and is so good that King Juan Carlos visited the island just to taste it. 

Explore The Island of Ibiza

Ibiza is arguably the most famous of the islands due to its popularity as one of the best places to party globally. It is home to 24-hour clubs, wild pool parties, and gorgeous beaches, but there is more to this magnificent island than the clubbing scene. Along with the world-class nightlife, Ibiza is also an excellent place for nature lovers. Here are a couple of things that you can do while exploring Ibiza: 

  • Although most people don’t associate Ibiza with hiking, there are many beautiful coastal hiking routes around Portinatx that visitors can explore. If you plan to go hiking, then make sure to pack lots of liquids, sunscreen, and some good walking shoes. 
  • If hiking is not your thing, then Ibiza is home to a large variety of beaches—all you need to do is choose the beach vibe—party central or unspoiled seclusion? Some of the famous beaches around the island include Portinatx, Platja de Comte, Calla Mastella, and the gorgeous Cala d’Hort Beach. 
  • Sail to the small little island of Ses Margalides—it is stunning
  • Visit the Hippy Market of Es Cana and San Carlos.
  • Go cliff diving at Cala Tarida in Ibiza 
  • Stroll around the old town of Ibiza and take in all of the medieval histories on the island. 

Sail to Formentera

Located just off the south coast of Ibiza is the island of Formentera, which is the smallest of the Balearic islands. Formentera is an oasis in the Mediterranean that has managed to preserve its natural essence and is committed to sustainable tourism or the so fashionable “Slow tourism. Therefore, the island is known for its sandy and rocky beaches paired with crystal-clear blue waters. The island is also perfect for anyone who wants to do any water activity. The island’s 40 miles of virgin coastline are perfect for diving, snorkeling, or windsurfing. Diving enthusiasts can also sail to the tiny northern islands of Espalmador and S’Espardell within Ses Salines Natural Park, which not only offers clear turquoise waters but also stunning beaches like the Ses Illetes or Migjorn. You can also grab your paddleboard or kayaks and go on an excursion from Cala Saona to Punta Rasa’s cliffs and explore its underwater caves if you are craving some adventure. 

If you love wine, ​​Formentera also has sufficient rainfall and good soil to support two wineries, Bodega Terramoll in the South East and Cap de Barbaria in the South. There is also no shortage of delicious local produce in Formentera, such as the catch of the day and fresh organic sheep/goat cheese, wild figs, and honey. Also, try the delicious flaó cheesecake at a cute cafe in Sant Francesc de Formentera. 

Go Island Hopping Around the Islands 

One of the most recommended excursions is a trip to Cabrera, the firth Balearic island in size. If you are looking for a secluded uninhabited island that is itching to be explored, this is the place for you. The Cabrera archipelago consists of 19 small islands and islets. The largest of all of them is the island of Cabrera itself. 

Cabrera is just one of the many islands you can explore in the Balearic islands if you decide to charter a private yacht. 

Chartering a Yacht in the Balearic Islands

With a coastline of over 3,000 miles and 60 islands, it is no surprise that Spain, specifically the Balearic Islands,  is the perfect place to charter a yacht.  The islands are more than just the nightlife of Ibiza; these islands offer some of the best beaches in the world, with hidden coves, underwater caves, and a large variety of different islands, all with their unique history, culture, sights, and food. And the best way to explore everything that the region has to offer is by chartering a yacht in the Balearics Islands. 

​​A luxury yacht vacation in the Balearics offers everything—from idyllic undeveloped shores to the unrivaled ultra-chic party buzz of Ibiza. Explore the beaches, walk the cobblestone streets, eat too many tapas, drink way too much wine, and immerse yourself in the Balearic islands' beauty. The island's mix of cities and islands means that yachters can experience several different itineraries, discovering cities paired with days spent exploring hidden cays. 

The best part? You can unpack your bags once and wake up somewhere new every day. How exciting is that? Is there anything better than waking up every morning at a new location and exploring everything that the French Riviera offers? Chartering a yacht in the Balearic Islands provides a unique off-the-beaten-path type of voyage where freedom is encouraged, and the possibilities are endless. 

Many people think that chartering a yacht is out of their price range. However, this is not necessarily true. It all depends on your needs and wants. We have a personal chef that can customize a menu based on your preferences and any food allergies or dietary restrictions that you may have. Many of our yachts are stocked with water toys like stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and a dinghy that can be used for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. We also can include the option to scuba dive from the yacht. Other less common amenities still available on some yachts include an e-foil board, seabob, sea scooters, snuba, and kiteboarding. There is even an option to have a hot tub or jet ski on one of our bigger yachts if you'd like. 

If you are interested in learning more about chartering a yacht in the Balearic Islands, let us know your dates, budget,  and the number of guests, and we would be happy to walk you through the process.  A catamaran that sleeps six people and has a captain can be as low as $10,000 per week. When you add a captain and all meals and drinks to make it all-inclusive, the rates start around 15k then go up to 50k or more depending on the luxury you want. 

And that is our list of the best things to do in the Balearic Islands. Don’t wait to make your dreams come true. Come live the historical experience and heavenly views of France without any worries. Sail the Mediterranean Sea with a yacht and have the time of your life!