Meet the Team

Candice Chivilo

Founder and Charter Broker

Elevate the Charter Experience with Candice:

With a decade of charter expertise since 2011, Candice has sailed through the ranks from top salesperson to US Sales Manager at the world’s largest charter company. In 2019, Candice founded Myst Yacht Charters to offer personalized experiences, tailored to your dreams.

As a featured speaker at renowned boat shows, Candice shares insights on Caribbean, BVI, Mediterranean cruising, and Luxury Crewed Yachts. Her passion for global travel fuels her ability to guide you through diverse sailing destinations, discussing their nuances with clarity.

Moreover, Candice is expanding as an authority on yacht charters through her dynamic YouTube channel and engaging social media presence. Let’s craft your perfect charter voyage – where your aspirations meet Candice’s seasoned knowledge, resulting in unforgettable adventures on the open waters.

Devyn Maniff

Charter Broker

Devyn is from Boston, Massachusetts, and is a seasoned travel professional. She brings years of international travel experience and destination expertise from her time spent helping clients plan amazing adventures, specifically yacht charters, and adventure travel, all over the world.

She has a passion for exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures and loves helping clients do the same while putting together all of the details to make it happen for them. She has extensive travel experience throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and Australia and has loved her days out on the water in destinations like Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, and BVI.

She is knowledgeable and passionate about the yachting industry and looks forward to creating and organizing memorable trips for her clients.

Erin Pavane

Charter Broker

Erin is a New Yorker, and previous boat owner who spent most of her life on the water. As a world traveler, she has been to more than 30 countries and has been to all the top charter destinations including the Balearics, French Riviera, Australia, Greece, Croatia, Turkey Italy and the Caribbean. She spent two years attending every yacht charter boat show across the world giving her the opportunity to get insider info on the finest and most luxurious boats available for charter, before diving into her current role with Myst.  With a deep understanding of what it takes to orchestrate the perfect getaway, Erin is here to ensure that your vacation isn’t just a trip, but a passage to breathtaking experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Stephanie Reynolds

Charter Broker

Stephanie is a passionate traveler hailing from the beautiful state of Maine. With her love for exploring new destinations, Stephanie has found her calling in the world of yachting. Her entry into this field was through her sister, Candice, and since then, Stephanie has never looked back.

Over the years, Stephanie has gained a wealth of knowledge about the charter business by attending yacht shows in exotic locations such as BVI, St. Thomas, and Greece. She believes that experiencing a new culture is best done by immersing oneself in the local traditions and customs, and this is what she strives to offer her clients.

Stephanie experienced her first yacht charter in 2017 and has since embarked on multiple charters in the BVI and the Greek Islands. She firmly believes that yacht chartering is the ultimate vacation experience, offering the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.

Erin Minner

Central Agent Manager

Allow us to introduce Erin, a remarkable professional hailing from the picturesque city of Annapolis, MD. With an illustrious 15-year career in the marine industry, Erin has immersed herself in the captivating realm of yacht charters.

Her passion for sailing, nurtured since childhood, seamlessly aligns with her love for travel, culminating in a truly extraordinary journey within this remarkable industry. Erin’s profound connection to the world of yacht charters intertwines these two cherished aspects of her life.

Through years of experience, Erin has developed an exceptional understanding of both bareboat and crewed yacht charters. Her involvement spans across diverse roles, including sales, oversight, and personal enjoyment. Now, she is thrilled to return to the industry she adores, brimming with excitement for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Liga Jurjeva

Charter Operations Manager

With over a decade of experience in the yacht charter industry, Liga has become a true sailing enthusiast, chartering numerous yachts worldwide. She has gained invaluable experience with the world’s most successful charter companies in Europe and USA and developed the framework for aftersales support that became fundamental to the industry.

Currently, Liga oversees Operations at Myst Yacht Charters. Based in London, she manages the delivery of first-class administrative and charter operations support for all Myst Yacht Charters’ engagements.

Liga’s courteous and efficient approach ensures that your charter experience with us is nothing but smooth sailing.


Financial Coordinator

We’re thrilled to have Alex Taylor as our Financial Coordinator at Myst Yacht Charters! Hailing from the charming state of Maine, Alex brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye for detail to our financial team, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

With a strong background in financial management, Alex is dedicated to supporting our mission of creating unforgettable travel experiences. She meticulously handles everything from balancing accounts to managing transactions, ensuring our finances are in perfect order. Her rigorous attention to detail guarantees that our clients’ funds are secure and managed with the utmost care, providing peace of mind for our valued customers.

Alex’s dedication and precision enhance our ability to deliver the seamless, luxurious experiences our customers expect from Myst Yacht Charters. With her on board, we are confident in our continued commitment to providing unparalleled service and unforgettable adventures on the open seas.

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