Balearic Islands Travel Itinerary

Balearic Islands Travel Itinerary

Along with its coastline, Spain is also home to over 60 islands, including the Balearic Islands, which are an archipelago in the Balearic Sea and consist of four main islands, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, all of which are popular destinations, although some more than others. Of these islands, Mallorca is the largest. The island is famous for stunning beaches, hidden coves, limestone mountains, wineries, and Spanish architecture. Its capital, La Palma de Mallorca, is a charming city that is an excellent spot for shopping, nightlife, and Spanish cuisine. 

Are you ready to begin your yacht experience in the Palma de Mallorca? Let’s go.


Day 1: Our adventure will begin in Palma. Take the day and explore everything this gorgeous city offers, including one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in Europe, the Palma Cathedral, also known as “Le Seu,” which roughly translates to the seat. Soak it all in before boarding begins in the mid-afternoon. You will have the option of either dining onboard or at one of Palma’s excellent restaurants before calling it a night. 

Day 2: Rise and shine as we set sail for Cala Pi, where we will moor for the day and night. Occupying a protected place bathed by crystalline waters, Cala Pi is surrounded by rocks and a dense pine forest that give it a rustic character. It is also home to Mallorca’s most beautiful beach. 

Once we arrive, guests are invited to jump into the cove's calm turquoise waters, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. For lunch, we will head to shore, where there are three restaurants and a small supermarket. We will also explore the remnants of a medieval watchtower erected to keep an eye out for incoming pirates. Another option is to discover the prehistoric town of Capocorb Vell, one of the best-preserved Talayotic settlements on the island and a great place to learn about Mallorcan history. 

Guests will enjoy dinner at one of the several restaurants before heading back to the board. 

Day 3: After breakfast, we will set sail for Colonia Sant Jordi, a resort town in southern Mallorca. ​​Here we will explore the famous Es Trenc beach, an unspoiled stretch of almost-white and shallow turquoise waters. 

We will enjoy some Spanish tapa and cocktails at a local restaurant. Our recommendation is 5illes which offers Spanish tapas with a twist and jam-jar cocktails. Another bonus is located in front of the Salinas de S’Avall Salt lakes. 

In the afternoon, we will visit the salt lakes of Ses Salines d'Es Trenc before heading to Es Carbo, a beach that the Spanish Royal family likes to frequent. 

In the evening, we will head into town, where there are many popular restaurants and tapas bars along Avinguda de la Primavera (Primavera Avenue). After dinner and cocktails, we will head back to the boat. 

Day 4: In the morning, we will take the scenic route and sail along the coastline towards Cala Figuera, also known as “Little Venice.” The best part is that the port town is still a traditional fishing community home to whitewashed cottages and boathouses along the water’s edge. 

Today is all about relaxation. Snorkel or scuba diving in the waters, spend time relaxing on the beach, or explore the small port town. For lunch and dinner, we will taste some of the fresh fish and seafood served in the harbor restaurants. 

Day 5: As we start our journey back to Palma, we’ll spend a little time exploring the small coves on the coastline that are only accessible for anchorage in good weather. Some of the options include Calo des Moro, home to a small yet beautiful beach. THere we will swim, snorkel or scuba dive and enjoy lunch before exploring other islets like Guaris and Moltona.  

Dinner will be served on board as we watch the sunset and enjoy a nice cocktail underneath the stars. 

Day 6: As we head west from Colonia, we will visit the small port village of Sa Rapita. Here guests can spend time exploring S’Arenal de sa Rapita beach, which stretches over half a mile from the port to the small village of Ses Covetes. A pure white, sandy beach rings turquoise blue water that is shallow and perfect for windsurfing. For lunch, we will walk to the port end of the beach, where a beach bar and restaurant are located. 

In the evening, guests can spend more time exploring the port villages or opt to go snorkeling in the turquoise-blue waters. Dinner will be served on board. 

Day 7: On the return trip to Palma, you’ll see the beautiful cliffs of Cap Blanc with its lighthouse. We will take our time heading back to Palma, stopping off at inlets and secluded coves, like Calo des Cap d’Alt and Cala de Cap Falco, where guests can go snorkeling or swimming. In the evening, we will have reached Palma, and guests can either eat at one of the restaurants in the city or enjoy their last meal on the boat. 

Day 8: Good morning! Take your time to get up, drink a nice warm cup of coffee on the deck, and soak in all the magic of Palma one last time. As this is the last day of your charter, you will disembark at the dockside of the village, or the hotel is accessible by boat or dinghy. Until next time! 

*Remember that we are here to help you plan your dream vacation, so the itinerary outlined above can be changed. All you need to do is discuss your needs with our crew, and we will do our best to make it happen. Do you want to stay one day longer for a particular bay or move on to a new experience? No problem, we are here to make your visit to the Balearic Islands unforgettable.