About Us

Welcome to Myst Yacht Charters – Your Gateway to Unforgettable Luxury Yacht Experiences!

Our journey began in 2019 as a charter broker, dedicated to helping clients find their perfect yacht for unforgettable voyages. With access to thousands of charter yachts in the Caribbean, and Mediterranean, including Greece, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey, we make personalized recommendations for every client.
In 2023, we set sail on an exciting new direction, expanding our horizons to become not only a charter broker but also a central agent for luxury crewed yachts in the Bahamas and Caribbean. This transformation means we now take on the responsibility of managing the calendar and ensuring the yachts meet the highest industry standards, offering our clients an even more comprehensive and seamless experience.

At Myst Charters, our mission remains the same – to create unparalleled yacht charter experiences that you’ll cherish forever. We are obsessively passionate about what we do and believe that finding the right charter yacht is an art that involves asking the right questions and getting to know you and your group.

**Why the name Myst?**

‍Allow us to paint a vivid picture in your mind. Picture yourself basking in the warmth of a sun-soaked day, aboard a stunning yacht, gracefully gliding between enchanting islands. As you stroll towards the bow, a playful wave splashes against the hull, gifting you with a refreshing mist. Those of us who share a love for the yachting lifestyle understand that such moments often accompany the appearance of a breathtaking rainbow, dancing amidst the misty atmosphere.

It is in these evocative sensations and emotions that the essence of our new name, Myst, is found. We sought a name that would embody the captivating allure of luxury cruising – where every journey is an exquisite tapestry of moments filled with sheer magic and wonder.

Myst represents the enigmatic beauty of the ocean, where each wave carries a sense of mystery and excitement, promising unforgettable adventures awaiting just beyond the horizon. It encapsulates the sense of wonder that arises as you explore new destinations, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the sea.

Moreover, Myst embraces the allure of the unknown, inviting you to embark on a voyage of discovery where extraordinary experiences await at every turn. Just as the mist softly veils the world, your journey with us is destined to reveal hidden treasures, unforgettable encounters, and memories that will last a lifetime.

With the adoption of the name Myst Yacht Charters, we signify not only a rebrand but also a deeper alignment with the essence of luxury cruising. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled yacht charter experiences remains unwavering, and we are eager to share the mystique of Myst Yacht Charters with you.

As you venture into this new chapter of extraordinary possibilities, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates and prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating journey that awaits. Let us be your guides as you navigate the seas of splendor, indulging in the wonders of luxury cruising.

Welcome to Myst Yacht Charters – where every moment is a captivating revelation and every voyage an exploration of the extraordinary.

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