Travel Agent Guide - How to Book a Yacht Charter

Travel Agent Guide - How to Book a Yacht Charter

Do you have a client that wants to go on a private yacht charter?

You’re in luck! You found your “travel agent friendly” connection to the world of yachting! 

We work with professionals in the travel industry all over the world to get clients booked. 

Chartering a yacht is easier than you think but since it’s just a customized product you will not be able to book a yacht online, you will need to speak to a Yacht Charter Broker (like us) to guide you through the process.   

You have Two Options for how we work together:

       1. You send us the lead and we will pay you a generous referral percentage. This would mean that we start speaking directly to the client. This can be with you in CC             on emails or on conference calls, or you can be completely hands off.
        2. We educate you on all the questions to ask your clients, we prepare offers for you to present to your clients with all our branding and contact info removed, so you             can present yachts with confidence.

Where to start? You can either use our Yacht Charter Inquiry Form, email us, or call.   We know the right questions to ask so that we find you the perfect yacht for your client. We would also be happy to send you a quick prompt of all the necessary questions to ask to get the quoting process started.

Here is an overview of process:

1.    Tell us your client’s preferences:  How many people are on the trip? Any kids? Does your group need a particular configuration for beds? Is it okay if the master cabin is considerably nicer than the other cabins?  It is also helpful to understand the level of service and luxury they prefer, their choice of activities, the types of destinations that appeal to them, and price range.  

2.    We make recommendations: After carefully listening to their preferences, we prepare a list of recommended yachts with e-brochures, crew profiles, and sample itineraries. We can discuss pros and cons of different destinations and give you general travel tips regarding flight logistics. 

3.    Selecting a yacht:  This is the fun part! What has stood out to you? Please give us 1-3 yachts that you like, and we can help you with the pros and cons of each. We look at specs and brochures all day every day, so things often stand out to us that could help in the decision-making process. 

4.    Put the yacht on hold:  We place a hold on the yacht and send you a contract to review and get signed. 

5.    Pay for the yacht:  To finalize the booking you need to pay for it. Yacht charters are entirely paid in advance, typically you pay a 50% deposit, and the balance is due 45 days prior to embarkation. Clients can pay you or make payment directly to us. We accept payment via check or wire transfer.  

 6.     Confirming the charter:  We confirm your booking and begin to prepare every detail of your client’s yacht charter including their preferred food and beverages, ground transfers, itinerary planning, special onboard celebrations, etc. 

You can trust that we will partner with you every step of the way to ensure the best vacation ever for your client.

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