Creating Your Dream Italy Yacht Charter

Known as the land of palette-pleased food, gorgeous scenery, and rich history, Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations for every type of traveler. Italy has something for everyone, from the foodie to the adventurous soul to the honeymooner.

Italy is subdivided into twenty different regions, home to stunning landscapes that include bustling cities, rustic countrysides, coastal towns, and even islands. In the south of Italy, where most of our charters embark, travelers can enjoy romantic islands and stunning shoreline views. Naples is a city full of history and is located nearby Mount Vesuvius, a still-active volcano that destroyed the Roman town of Pompeii. Further down the coast, each town and island provides its own unique flavor, experience, and sights. Capri is a cosmopolitan island known for its luxurious offerings, while Ischia is known for its Greek mythology dating back to the 5th century. Then there is the toe of Italy’s boot, also known as Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Seas. Italy is a destination that you can repeatedly enjoy, surprising you with every new visit, and it is exciting to see onboard an Italy yacht charter. 


  • The capital of Italy is Rome, which is also one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in Europe. 
  • The currency in Italy is the Euro. ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist destinations.
  • Don’t just stick with pizza! Italy is divided into 20 regions, and each one has a specialty using local techniques and ingredients. Lombardy is famous for risotto, Puglia is known for Orecchiette pasta, Bologna has Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Sicily is the home of cannoli—make sure to try it all! 
  • Italian meals are a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t rush through them. Typical Italian meals include the following courses: antipasti (appetizers such as bruschetta, grilled and marinated vegetables, or a platter), primi (pasta, gnocchi, risotto, or a hearty soup), secondi (the second course which is meat or fish), contorni (a side dish such as vegetables, salad, or french fries), Dolci (dessert), and caffè. 
  • The small town of Caldari di Ortona has a free wine fountain that flows 24-hours a day with locally grown red wine. 
  • As of 2019, Italy is home to 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • The Italians have over 2,500 types of cheese. Some of the most popular include parmesan, mozzarella, ricotta, provolone, and gorgonzola.
  • It is not necessary to tip at restaurants, but leave a couple of euros for your server if you want to leave something. 

How to Get to & Around Italy 

Flights to Italy departing from many major American cities fly into Italy’s main airports. There are over 77 different airports, including Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome. However, international travelers can also fly into and out of Pisa International Airport, Milan Malpensa International Airport, or Naples International Airport. If you plan on booking an Italy yacht charter, then it’s best to fly into Naples International Airport. 

Italy is a big country, so if you want to travel between cities, you can either rent a car or take the train. The best way to travel between cities like Rome, Florence, or Naples is by train. The country has an extensive network of high-speed inter-city trains and even regional services that connect larger cities with smaller towns. Some of the trains even go up to 300 km per hour, which means that you can get to your destination a lot faster.

However, there is no better way to experience Italy than on a private yacht charter. Italy yacht charters are the perfect blend of impeccable sailing mixed in with a little bit of la dolce vita. If you are yearning to explore the South of Italy and the Amalfi Coast, then there is no better way to do it. From gorgeous white-sand beaches to blue-green grottos, a charter yacht trip in the south of Italy is a must, especially if you plan on going island hopping. The coastline between Naples and Sicily is home to several breath-taking islands, including the Aeolian Islands, Capri, and Procida. 

Best Time to Visit 

Like most of the Mediterranean, the Italian season generally runs from April to the end of October. The summer season for Italy is in July and August. This is also the high season as far as yacht charter goes. However, if you are looking to beat the heat and the summer months, then a spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November) Italy yacht charter could be an option. During this time, the temperatures are still quite pleasant. However, the prices are lower, and the crowds are not as big. However, you may encounter rainy weather in autumn. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for concerts, festivals, and nightlife, summer is the best season to visit the region, specifically between July and August. The summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beaches, swim, sail, and see the islands. During the summer months, primarily during July and August, the temperature is around the high 80s. However, as this is the busy season, keep in mind that this region will be crowded with tourists. 

What to Pack

As the main tourist attractions are the beaches and islands on the Mediterranean coast, casual and light clothes are the best option to bring to the French Riviera. It is always good to have something cool to wear when partying and something more formal for a romantic evening in a restaurant. We recommend packing: 

  • A water bottle: cities like Rome, Florence, and Naples all have perfectly safe, clean, and free drinking water in town squares where you can fill up your water bottle. 
  • An evening outfit: Italy is the perfect destination to dress up for dinner, so make sure that you bring along a more formal outfit for those evenings out on the town
  • Comfortable walking shoes: especially since many cities are known for their cobblestone streets. 
  • Sun protection: the sun can get harsh, especially in the summer months, so bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 
  • A light jacket: it can rain in the spring/autumn months, and the nights can be a little cooler, so make sure to bring a jacket that can protect you from the rain. 
  • Extra room in your luggage: make sure you leave extra space in your luggage as you’ll probably be coming back with way more than you left with. 
  • Comfortable clothes: after a couple of days of eating, you’ll probably want a nice stretchy pair of shorts or pants that you can relax in. 

Best Things to See On Your Italy Yacht Charter

With hundreds of miles of coastline to explore, Italy will keep you coming back time and time again. It is the country of passion and romance, mythical heroes and legendary stories, and nature and beauty so stunning that you will question whether it is real. Although there is much to explore in this massive country, a lot of its magic is located in the South. In Southern Italy, travelers can drink limoncello in Positano, learn more about the doomed city of Pompeii, jump head first in the turquoise waters of Sardinia or just eat themselves silly with regional staples like pasta, cannoli, or seafood. So are you ready to learn more about what you can do on your Italy yacht charter? Let’s get to it: 

Spend Some time in Naples

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy and has played an important role in Italian history. Yes, it might not be as famous as Venice or Rome, but Naples is still an enticing destination. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back some 4,000 years, and is also the birthplace of pizza. So what are some things you shouldn’t miss during your time in Naples?

  • Go underground at Napoli Sotterranea, or ancient Naples. Italian cities were often built on top of rings of previous civilizations, so you can explore the old city of Naples as it was centuries ago. 
  • Visit the Piazza del Plebiscito, a pedestrian square with views of the Basilica Royal and Royal Palace. Make sure to stop at the famous Gran Caffe Gambrinus for an Italian coffee and do some people-watching. 
  • Take a day trip to the ruins of Pompeii
  • Explore Herculaneum, another town (although not as famous as Pompeii) covered in volcanic ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted. 
  • Try a slice of the original Neapolitan pizza. We’d recommend heading to Glorizia, which opened its doors in 1916. 
  • Sail out to Gaiola Island, located just 30 minutes from downtown Naples. The island is said to be cursed; however, it is home to the Gaiola Underwater Park and is a great spot to go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. 
  • Climb Mount Vesuvius, famous for its eruption in 79 AD, resulting in the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The mountain is dormant, and the climb only takes around 30 minutes. 

Explore the Island of Capri 

Surrounded by the startlingly blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and characterized by craggy hills covered in trees, Capri island will capture your heart. This island is famous for many reasons ranging from its delicious cuisines, gorgeous natural beauty, and world-class shopping. If you want to go sightseeing, then head on over to the Marina Grande, where most of the celebrities anchor their yachts. 

There are many things on the island of Capri for every type of traveler. If you are a nature lover, then explore the Blue Grotto by boat or head up into the mountains for a hike. Another option is to sail to Bagni di Tiberio, where you can swim surrounded by the ruins of a Roman villa. The best thing about an Italy yacht charter is that on hot summer days when the beaches in Capri are packed, charter guests can avoid the crowds and instead explore the island’s hidden emerald-green grottos in peace. 

Before leaving the island, try an authentic Caprese salad with vine-ripened tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, and a drizzle of homemade olive oil. And if you have a sweet tooth, indulge in a slice of chocolate cake known as Torta Caprese. 

Drink Limoncello in Positano

This cliffside village is a popular holiday destination known for its steep, narrow streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. In ​​Positano, most charter guests flock to the beaches by day, browse the shops in the afternoon, hit up some clubs at night, or stroll through the quiet, beautiful winding streets after dinner. One thing travelers shouldn’t miss is trying limoncello, a liquor made from lemon skins that are steeped in grain alcohol for up to six weeks. Another specialty liquor is Fragoline, made from local strawberries. Last but not least, if you are into shopping, make sure to pick up a pair of handmade leather Capri Positano sandals custom-made just for you while you wait.  

Another option during your time to Positano is to sail to see the Tras e Iesc caves near Praiano, the Africana Grotto, and the Emerald Grotto.

Visit the Island of Sicily

Sicily is Italy’s largest island, and it is chock-full of exceptional beaches, charming villages, and towns, as well as an abundance of ancient ruins and archeological sites. So what is there to do on an Italy yacht charter with a stop in Sicily? 

  • Explore Palermo, the island’s capital, which is over 2,700 years old and full of culture and architecture. 
  • Sicily has over 1,000 kilometers of coastline, which means that it has plenty of beach options ranging from sandy smooth to dramatic rock formations.
  • Visit a Sicilian winery, like the renowned Tasca d’Almerita, which has estates throughout the island, including the Tenuta Tascante on Etna’s slopes. Fun fact, Sicily is known for some of the best wine in the world,
  • Hike Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active globally. 
  • Have dinner in a cave at Putia Dell’Ostello. 
  • Go island hopping and explore the Aeolian Islands. Most people want to go straight to the island of Vulcano. The island is famous for its mud baths, fanghi, and thermal hot springs. However, also explore the black sand beaches on Stromboli, indulge in some luxury on Panarea, or immerse yourself in nature and escape the summer crowds on the islands of Salina, Alicudi, or Filicudi.

Sail the Emerald Coast & Visit the Maddalena Archipelago 

Sardinia is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, and it has its all—fascinating nature, crystal clear water, delicious cuisines, and entertainment. Much of Sardinian life revolves around food and its unique cuisine, based on the wide variety of fresh local produce. However, if it is beaches that you are after, then there is no better place to go than Costa Smeralda. From the port town of Olbia to the tip of Capo de Testa, some of the coasts have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches set in craggy coves washed by a sea so green and clear that it’s known to the world as the Emerald Coast. 

Along with great sailing, excellent weather conditions, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous weather, the Costa Smeralda is also a great jumping-off point to go island-hopping. In the north, charter guests can explore the La Maddalena archipelago. Founded in 1994 as a geo-marine nature park, it includes all the islands that surround the main island of La Maddalena and covers an area of 15,000 hectares with a coastline of 180 km. The islands are home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the Mediterranean, like the beaches of Caprera. This island is wild, untamed, and practically uninhabited-perfect for anyone who wants to get away and relax. The islands are also the perfect place to go snorkeling or scuba diving. 

An Italy Yacht Charter: What to Expect

It’s no secret that charter yachts became a particularly enticing travel option during the pandemic, a way to safely travel within your bubble to a stunning destination. And is there anything more stunning than exploring the South of Italy on a private yacht? 

The South of Italy is one of the most spectacular yachting destinations globally, and sailing along these shores is nothing short of spectacular. ​​A private Italy yacht charter is the best way to travel in the South of Italy in style and experience all it offers. You’ll be able to venture freely along the region’s coastline and drop anchor at any little slice of paradise you choose. Chartering a yacht in Italy seems like the obvious choice. No matter where you set sail, you’ll be surrounded by restaurants, historical sites, nature reserves, superb nightlife, etc. Plus, you will be able to choose which beaches you’d like to frequent—from secluded coves to celebrity hotspots, the choice is yours. Chartering a yacht in Italy is the epitome of luxury and freedom as you get to choose where you’d like to go and what part of this beautiful region you’d like to explore. 

Many people think that chartering a yacht is out of their price range. However, this is not necessarily true. It all depends on your needs and wants. We have a personal chef that can customize a menu based on your preferences and any food allergies or dietary restrictions that you may have. Many of our yachts are stocked with water toys like stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and a dinghy that can be used for tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. We also can include the option to scuba dive from the yacht. Other less common amenities still available on some yachts include an e-foil board, seabob, sea scooters, snuba, and kiteboarding. There is even an option to have a hot tub or jet ski on one of our bigger yachts if you’d like. 

If you are interested in learning more about chartering a yacht in Italy, let us know your dates, budget, and the number of guests, and we would be happy to walk you through the process.  A catamaran that sleeps six people and has a captain can be as low as 10K per week. When you add a captain and all meals and drinks to make it all-inclusive, the rates start around 15k then go up to 50k or more depending on the luxury you want. 

That is our list of things to do on your Italy yacht charter. Live the historical experience and heavenly views of Italy without any worries. Sail the Mediterranean Sea on an Italy yacht charter and have the time of your life!

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