Hidden Bays to visit on a Croatia Yacht Charter - Captain's recommendations

Hidden Bays to visit on a Croatia Yacht Charter - Captain's recommendations

What are the best-hidden bays and anchorages in Croatia to visit on your luxury yacht charter? The yacht captains have recommendations for you.

Nowadays, having time for yourself, your friends, and your family is a true privilege. How to use your time in the best way possible? What if we told you that you can immerse in adventures full of swimming, snorkeling, wine tasting, and exploring amazing secluded beaches and lovely little islets in Croatia on a luxury yacht charter?

When planning your dream vacation on the luxury yacht charter, you should make a wish list of places you would like to see. We are here to help you. Before you get on board and sail away, let’s see a list of the best-hidden bays to visit on the upcoming trip we made for you. And who would know better than the captains with years of experience in the area?

Marko Kus, Captain of QUANTUM: Borče Bay, Hvar

Hvar is considered the best island in Europe, and according to the Travel + Leisure Awards 2020, it was voted Top Island in the World. Off the Dalmatian coast, it is settled between Brač, Vis, and Korčula. No wonder Hvar became one of the most fashionable and most visited tourist destinations in Croatia – it certainly has a lot to offer: wild nightlife, modern restaurants, rich culture, and unspoiled nature.

Hvar is accessible to charters starting from the Split marina.

Away from the crowds, a perfect escape waits for you on your luxury yacht charter. On the south side of Hvar lies a breathtaking blue lagoon called Borče bay. The scenery is made of cliffs overlooking the sea, lush forest, the song of crickets, the scent of pines and rosemaries, with the sun-dappled azure water that teases you to jump in. While your personal chef prepares gastronomic delicacies from top-quality fresh local ingredients as you sunbathe in one of the lounges, you dive in all shades of blue and green along with the scent of salted air.

It’s the absolutely perfect place to get away from your daily hectic lifestyle and just enjoy the peace and quiet, relishing nature in all its glory. If you throw some bread in the water, a magical thing will happen – a school of fish will gather around the boat, like in wildlife documentaries.

Lovre Šupe, Captain of ALALYA: Veli Žal, Dugi Otok

While the kind yacht stewardess is bringing you your favorite cocktail with ice, you can enjoy an overwhelming experience just to look at the bay before you – Veli Žal. Veli Žal is accessible to charters starting from Pula or Zadar and is one of the most adorable bays located in the Northern part of Dugi Otok (translated into English as a “long island”). Dugi Otok is known for its intact nature, vineyards, and orchards of unreal beauty.

Over a kilometer-long space of the unoccupied bay, with its combination of fine white sand and small pebbles in the middle and rocks on the side, this beach will make you feel as if time had stopped. This island really seems uninhabited and undiscovered! Alalya crew will be pleased to tell you untold stories and legends about this area.

Bathed in the sun, Veli Žal with its clear turquoise water, bright white pebbles, and no crowd is a great choice and pure joy for swimming and snorkeling. The highlight of this locality is that it is not uncommon to see dolphins leaping out of the sea. Whether it is a long sunny day or an unforgettable evening under the starry skies, you will have an unsurpassed experience.

Mate Franičević, Captain of ELIZABETH: Anchorage at Veli Jakljan

Veli Jakljan is an uninhabited island and the hidden gem of the Adriatic sea, accessible only by boat. With its unusual appearance of relief in the form of stepped structure and the coastline of unparalleled beauty, Veli Jakljan is a unique, isolated pearl far away from the noise and rush, which  is accessible to charters starting from Dubrovnik. Being a part of the Elaphiti islands, it is settled in the northwest of Dubrovnik. Prolaz Harpoti is the channel that separates it from the nearby island Sipan.

Our yachting connoisseurs know why this place is an ideal anchorage. Quiet, romantic, and densely forested, it’s a perfect getaway and one of the best-preserved islands in Dalmatia which has remained the same for decades. Here you can truly recharge and enjoy yourself.

Besides its out-of-this-world look where the pines kiss the sea, and colors range from dark green to cobalt blue, this is an impressive place like nothing you have seen before. While the yacht is anchored, don’t miss a spectacular sunset that goes pretty well with a glass of the finest wine and delicious specialties created especially for you and your loved ones. Thanks to the captain of ELIZABETH, you can put this alluring place on your list.

Stipe Vuko, Captain of SKIMMER: Borovica Bay

A small lovely cove called Borovica Bay is warmly recommended by the captain of SKIMMER. In the vicinity of the Ražanj on the west and Kanica on the east, near the Stivasnica bay, this canyon-like place is a perfect shelter from the wind. This hidden place is great for a day spent swimming or for a peaceful night. Borovica bay, with its shallow waters, is perfectly safe for kids, too. Borovica Bay is accessible on charters starting from Split marina.

It is characterized by a narrow passage about 900 meters long accessible only by boat. Reward yourself with clear emerald green water and a breathtaking panorama while you enjoy your massage or you are soaked in the swirling waters of a jacuzzi on the yacht. The captain will surely know what time of the day is the best to visit this extraordinary cove.

Hope we gave you the idea of the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Imagine you can have a week or more of having exclusive and authentic experiences full of fun, relaxation, glamour, and hedonism discovering the beauty of the Dalmatian coast peppered with charming picturesque places and their legends, enjoying prime quality seafood and other local delicacies. It will definitely be an unmatched experience full of valuable memories.

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