2021 BVI Crewed Yacht Show Winners

2021 BVI Crewed Yacht Show Winners

Here we have listed the winners and awardees from the 2021 BVI crewed show:

Best in Show: Segundo Viento

Crew: Lee Adams & Tyler Dawson

The crew aboard Segundo Viento took the Best in Show award at the 2021 Fall Charter Show. Segundo Viento is a brand new Privilege 64. Her crew, Lee and Tyler, worked together on SV Zingara where they discovered their captain-chef teamwork was a winning combination.

Judges of the Best Yacht in Show contest remain anonymous throughout the event. They take into consideration the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination.

 Other Awardees:

Best Canape Winner - Tara Phelan aboard ELYSIUM

Best Canape Runner Up - Tyler Dawson aboard SEGUNDO VIENTO

Best Cocktail & Canape Team - Tara Phelan & Matt Mullins ELYSIUM

Best cocktail - Winner - Graham Gips aboard ALLENDE

Best Cocktail Runner-Up - Jeff Nichols aboard PORT TO VINO 

Addison Share our World Award - Graham & Kristiann Gips aboard ALLENDE

Best in Show Runner Up - Allende - Crew: Graham & Kristiann Gips with Friday

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