Yacht Charter Packing Suggestions

Yacht Charter Packing Suggestions

What to pack for a week-long yacht charter

o  Soft-sided luggage like a backpack or duffle bag. Hard shell luggage is hard to fit in the drawers and cabinets and it might need to be stored next ti your bed.

o  Reef-Safe waterproof sunblock -  Please no spray sunblock or oil-based sunscreen on the yacht.

o  Lip balm with SPF

o  “Dry Bags” or Zip lock bags for money and electronics so you're protected when in the dinghy.

o  Passport and Licenses and copies of them stored digitally

o  Insect Repellent

o  Music you can listen to “offline” and downloaded on your phone

o  Prescription medication with your name on the bottle

o  3 Swimsuits

o  3 shorts or skirts

o  7 t-shirts or tank tops

o  Shoes: street, boat, and water. It's best to go barefoot on the boat to keep it clean. If you want to wear shoes you can wear something with non-marking soles and good grip. You might want water shoes to protect you from sea urchins. Do you plan on hiking or walking a lot, if so make sure your shoes are comfortable!

o  Swim cover-up

o  Windbreaker or light raincoat

o  Hat, best with a strap or clip so they don't blow off in the wind

o  Sunglasses and sunglass straps, polarized sunglasses are recommended because they will help reduce the glare from the water.

o  Seasickness pills, patch, or wrist bands

o  Camera and additional batteries and a backup memory card

o  All yachts have a 12-volt car chargers/cigarette charger that will charge electronics when the engine is running or plugged into shore power.

o  Euro to US adapters, most yachts have Euro outlets. Make sure your electronics are dual voltage, 110-220V before using an adapter! Most smart electronics like cameras and phones are dual voltage, simple electronics like hairdryers might not be! You can destroy the boat's electronics or start a fire if you plug a US110V appliance into a 220V outlet!

o  Playing cards and travel games.

o  Earplugs and eyeshades for light sleepers

o  A small bag for beach trips

o  Tweezers, nail clippers, a needle (for splinters)

o  Security pouch for documents, under a shirt

o  Small notebook or journal for writing notes about the trip

Stuff You DO NOT Need To Bring:

·       Cooking and eating implements/utensils

·       Navigation tools, charts.

·       First aid kit; all boats have them on board, but they're rather basic.

·       Ladies: leave the expensive jewelry at home.


Just for Fun

Sailboats often fly flags to show where they have come from. If you have any flags that you would like to fly (from your country, state, university, favorite sports team, etc.) feel free to bring them along!


Packing pointers/travel tips:

Print the charter base information; you might need to show the address or map to a taxi driver, especially if it’s not in English.

If you are a scuba diver confirm arrangements with a dive shop before you leave and bring copies of your certifications.

If you plan to fish, check if you need a fishing license before you embark

If children are with you, we recommend bringing your own lifejacket/PFD to ensure a good fit. For young children have the practice wearing it at home before the trip. Request a “safety net” be wrapped around the lifelines (railing) if you have young children aboard.

Call your credit card companies and cell phone companies to let them know you’re leaving the country

A copy of your sailing credentials if on a bareboat charter

Bring a copy of any boating license you have if you plan to use a Jet Ski, this is often needed in the Mediterranean.

If you have hired crew on the charter for the week, you might want to bring an envelope or card for a tip.