Why Everyone Needs To Visit Greece at Least Once

Why Everyone Needs To Visit Greece at Least Once

When you think of Greece, what do you envision? The vast sea and charming, pebbly beaches? The mouthwatering Mediterranean food? Ancient Greek mythology? Greece is a multifaceted country with so much to offer. Whether you’re an adventurous traveler, a leisurely traveler, or an academic traveler, there’s something in Hellas for all. Below, we explore five reasons why everyone needs to visit Greece at least once. This is one country you don’t want to leave off your to-do list!

The Food and Wine

Greek cuisine looks amazing, tastes amazing, and is good for your health, thanks to its Mediterranean roots. Olive oil is big in Greece, and people use it in most dishes. Greece is also known for its street food, like souvlaki and pita with gyros.

And the wine—don’t forget the wine! Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing counties in the world, covered in vineyards that produce a variety of grapes. They have no shortage of fine wines to explore, but why not try the local wine served by the carafe at all the tavernas or pick up a bottle from a micro-winery with a stand on the side of the road?

The Nightlife

Do you like to party? The Greeks do, too! You can find bars, pubs, and clubs in just about every city, and they stay open well into the wee hours of the morning. The drinks and food are amazing, and so is the music, with famous DJs from around the world coming over to scratch out some sick beats. While Mykonos is famous for the club scene, you can find a club pounding beats all night on almost every island in the summer months.


To the Greeks, hospitality, or philoxenia, is a virtue. The locals are kind and welcoming, often inviting strangers to their homes for a chat or a meal. In Greece, you won’t feel like an outsider—you’ll feel like family. The locals give the vibe that they truly appreciate your trip to their little part of the world and are thankful that you made the long journey.

The Mythology

Fearsome yet alluring gods and goddesses, tales of epic adventures and strife...Greek mythos is fascinating, and history fanatics will love exploring it up close and in person. Take a trip down to ancient temples or modern museums or head up to the summit of Mount Olympus, the mountain of the deities, to experience the fantastical side of Greece!

The Beauty

Another reason why everyone needs to visit Greece at least once is the place is plain gorgeous, with the surrounding azure sea, white sparkling beaches, clear blue skies, lush vineyards, and impressive architecture. It’s a special kind of beauty that’s best experienced in person rather than through words or pictures.

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