When Is the Best Time To Visit the British Virgin Islands?

When Is the Best Time To Visit the British Virgin Islands?

When you plan a vacation, you want to know the best times to head for your chosen destination spot. Depending on the time of year, you can have a completely different experience, which makes preparation key to any seasonal getaway. Know the best time to visit the British Virgin Islands so that you can make the most of your time away from work and home.

November Through January

November and January are some of the slower months for the British Virgin Islands, making this the ideal time to get away from the cold and head somewhere warm. During this time, the BVI’s temperature ranges from the low 70s to the low 80s, keeping a nice summer-like temperature even in the dead of winter. Just know that vacationer traffic starts to pick up in February, meaning the islands will get busier, so plan your trip accordingly.

The oasis it provides from the cold is this season’s best selling point, but with it also comes the higher price tags for hotels and other activities. But whereas most other activities cost more, yacht charters stay the same price throughout the year. Enjoy your time out on the waters and relax under the sun, or jump in the water to cool off while your boat is stationary.

February Through August

Starting in early February and going until the end of April is when the British Virgin Islands is peak season and when they see their highest traffic during the year.

With temperatures between the low 70s to upper 80s, its climate may be a little too intense for many visitors to the Islands. May, June, and July are still fantastic times to visit with plenty of activities; however, August is when charters start pulling in their boats due to hurricanes.

August Through October

These months are the transition period between summer and winter, and they come with one specific consideration: the rain. From August to October, most establishments will also close for the season, leaving visitors with less to do.

But with the rainfall comes the blossoming of the environment; November is when BVI starts to show how truly beautiful nature can be, when everything is green and lush. So, while there may be fewer activities, there’s a whole ecosystem to explore and discover.

A significant consideration for visitors is that this is hurricane season, which is August, September, and October. When the threat of hurricanes arises, most water-based businesses shut down operations; no one wants to be out on the water in the event of a hurricane. Be aware of how businesses in the area handle hurricane season and whether it will affect your vacation plans.

Know When You Want To Go

Knowing the best time to visit the British Virgin Islands means understanding the advantages and considerations of each season. Be aware of what’s a deal-breaker and what makes vacationing more appealing for you.