U.S. Virgin Islands: Caribbean Cuisine Dishes You Must Try

During your trip to the U.S Virgin Islands, your stomach will rumble; that’s your first sign to start looking for a local restaurant! The USVI is home to a wide variety of foods for you to try, but Caribbean-inspired dishes are the most common. If you’re not sure what kind of cuisine to sample, check out these five Caribbean cuisine dishes you need to try on your next U.S Virgin Islands vacation.


Callaloo is a popular Caribbean soup named after the leafy green veggie it’s made from. It’s traditionally stewed with callaloo (dasheen leaves), onions, garlic, and other greens like scallion, tomatoes, scotch bonnet, and okra. There’s no “right” way to make callaloo soup, so we recommend trying it out more than once to see the spin each chef puts on it!

Johnny Cake

Johnny cakes are thin, flat, baked- or fried- cornmeal cakes bound to remind you of pancakes. But Johnny cakes are more like french fries in the U.S. They’re a popular side that you eat with main dishes like pot fish and curries.

Conch Fritters

Fry up sweet sea conch meat, and what do you get? Conch fritters! If you’re a fan of foods like battered cod or tempura, this deep-fried seafood dish will be up your alley. Conch fritters are a staple offered at most restaurants. They’re served with a creole remoulade or spicy, creamy ketchup sauce for extra flavor.

Jerk Chicken

Another Caribbean cuisine dish you need to try is jerk chicken. This is a classic Caribbean cuisine that everyone’s heard about. “Jerk” is a cooking method where meat, like chicken, gets slathered in spices and cooked slowly over burning coal. The result is smoky, flavorful meat that will knock your socks off!

Fish & Fungi

The unofficial national dish of the USVI, fish and fungi, is similar to polenta but with a Caribbean twist. The dish includes a whole, seasoned, and fried fish covered in sweet onion gravy and fungi (pronounced fun-ji), which isn’t a mushroom but okra mixed with water and cornmeal and cooked into a mash. While simple, this dish is a healthy and hearty mainstay of Caribbean culture.

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