The Dos and Don’ts of Yacht Charter Etiquette

Before you head off on your yacht charter vacation, take the time to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of yacht charter etiquette. By following these general rules, you can make your next chartering trip a pleasant experience for you, your family, your friends, and the crew.

DO Be Kind to the Crew

While you relax and party, the crew works behind the scenes to ensure your vacation goes off without a hitch. Without them, your yacht charter vacation wouldn’t be possible, so be sure to treat them kindly and give them a big, warm “Thank you!” when you have the chance.

DO Be Safe

At the start of your trip, the crew will brief you on safety rules and regulations. An accident can quickly put an end to your vacation, so make sure to listen during the briefing so you know how to keep yourself safe on- and off-deck.

DO Be Clear About Dietary Preferences

Before you board the yacht, communicate your dietary preferences. Make sure everyone has a say in what they request to have aboard when completing the charter preferences.

DO Look After Your Children at All Times

Make sure to look after your children at all times. The crew is not there to babysit and no one will take the liability of watching your children around the water. Bring a nanny if you need a break from the kids!

DO Treat the Yacht Like it’s Your Own

It’s okay to be a little messy. No one’s going to be mad that you left clothes on your cabin floor or accidentally spilled a drink. Treat the yacht like it’s your own boat. Remember, you expected it to be in perfect condition and so do the next guests.

DO Pack Lightly

Whatever you set out to pack, HALF IT! During the daytime, you may be in your swimsuits only and in the evening a t-shirt is good enough. The yacht has no dress code! If you like to go to some of the posher places, resort chic is more appropriate! Soft-sided luggage is best as the yacht has limited space for hard shell suitcases, and often you only have cabinets and drawers for storage, rather than a traditional closet.

DO Go Barefoot

Street and dress shoes can wreak havoc on a yacht, leaving dirt and scuff marks all over the deck. Leave your shoes in the basket the crew leaves for you and swap them out for boat shoes or go barefoot.

DO Have Fun

Following the rules is important, but don’t be so worried about causing trouble that you end up not having fun! It’s okay to be a bit loud and try new, adventurous things. That’s the point of a vacation, after all!

DON’T Forget the Tip

On most yacht charters, tipping is custom. The crew is largely compensated via gratuity and it’s a way to thank the crew for their hard work for you 24/7. A general rule is that you should tip 10 to 15 percent in the Mediterranean and 15 to 20 percent in the Caribbean. Ask your charter broker for more details.

DON’T Bring Spray Sunblock

Be sure to avoid bringing spray sunblock, tanning oils, or “shimmer” sunscreen onto the yacht. They stain the fabrics and the teak decks on yachts. In addition, double-check that what you’re buying is “reef safe,” as it’s the law in many places.

DON’T Bring Drugs Aboard

While some things may be legal in your home state, they might not be legal in the places you’re traveling to. The captain could lose their captain’s license if illegal substances are aboard, and the captain could be arrested for transporting drugs even if they were unaware they were aboard. Therefore, all yachts have a zero-tolerance policy and will terminate your charter if illegal drugs are found.

Fortunately, the dos and don’ts of yacht charter etiquette are easy to remember. Be kind, be courteous, follow the safety rules, and most importantly, have fun! Do all the above, and your yacht charter vacation is bound to be a resounding success.

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