The Bahamas Sailing Itinerary from Nassau

The Bahamas Sailing Itinerary from Nassau

Take Your Dream Holiday to The Bahamas  

Known as one of the most popular Caribbean destinations with over 700 islands and 2,400 cays, the Bahamas is the perfect tropical vacation spot. The Bahamas are so beautiful that American Astronaut Scott Kelly named the islands “the most beautiful place in space” before sharing photos on Twitter of the islands from space. The variety of nature in the islands, especially the sea life and coral cays, is a big attraction for nature lovers. Combine that with the idyllic beaches and stunning coastal towns, and the Bahamas is a heavenly escape for those tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. 

The capital city of The Bahamas is Nassau, which has a high-energy type of vibe. The town itself was originally called Charles Town before being burned to the ground and rebuilt in 1684 by the Spanish. Once it was rebuilt, it was called Nassau, and today it is home to 70% of the population of the Bahamas. Although Nassau is magical, what makes the Bahamas incredibly unique is that each of its islands has its personality and attractions with some of the world’s best scuba diving, fishing, sailing, boating, and dining shopping experiences. 

One of those unique experiences is exploring The Exumas, a chain of 365 cays spread over 100 miles. Known as paradise, these cays are home to sapphire waters, white-sand beaches, deserted cays, and the famous Big Major Cay, also known as Pig Beach. It is probably one of the only places in the world where you can go swimming with wild pigs. All in all, the islands are true heaven on earth locations for boaters, sailors, snorkelers, divers, and fishermen. Whatever island you choose to spend your time on, the Bahamas are sure to make a lasting impression. 

Are you ready to begin your yacht experience in the Bahamas? Let’s go. 


Day 1: Our crew will be happy to coordinate a taxi pick-up once you arrive at the airport. Our driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to meet the crew at the Coral Harbour, which is located just a short 10-minute drive away from the Nassau International airport. Once aboard the boat, you will be briefed before allowing to settle in and enjoy your welcome cocktail on board as we set sail. We recommend that charters start before 10H00 to give us enough time to sail across the Yellow Banks into the stunning Exumas waters.

We will arrive at Allen’s Cay by sunset before mooring in a calm and secluded anchorage. Although the sun is setting, that doesn’t mean we don't have time to go ashore to swim or snorkel as dinner is being prepared. You might even meet a Bahamian Iguana or two while frolicking on the beach. Dinner is then served underneath the stars. 

Day 2: Awake peacefully to the soft rays of the sun peaking through your cabin windows. But don’t worry, there is no rush to get up. Take your time before joining the crew on the main deck for some breakfast. During this time, we will sail down to Norman's Cay on the Exuma Sound— and we will be fishing on our way there. We can stop to snorkel or scuba dive at famous dive sites like Octopus Garden or Hammerhead Gulch if you'd like. We will anchor on the northern part of Norman’s Cay to explore the island's deserted beaches and picturesque lagoons filled with colored fish and coral. Further down south, there is also the sunken drug plane of the notorious drug dealer Carlos Lehder, who once called Norman’s Cay home. Guests can also wander down to Twinkie Beach, a charming beach littered with seashells and known for its lone palm tree.

For dinner, guests can head on over to Norman’s Cay Beach Club for a burger and a cocktail or opt to come back on board for a romantic dinner while watching the sunset. 

Day 3: Warderick Wells, the Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park headquarters are our next stop. A former pirate's hideaway, this particular anchorage circles a giant sandbar at low tide. Here you can explore four miles of trails on this protected cay, snorkel or scuba dive on vibrant coral reefs, paddleboard across the turquoise blue water, discover wells, explore caves or experience the stunning views of the Exuma Sound—the options on Warderick Wells are limitless. 

This picturesque harbor is another perfect spot for a relaxing evening under the stars before heading in for a good night’s sleep. 

Day 4: Early in the morning, we will set sail further south to the ancient Lucayan burial grounds of Rocky Dundas cave. This hidden cave is only accessible by swimming under a partially submerged ledge that will lead into a stunning grotto. On the Northern end of the Cay is Rachel's Bubble Bath, a natural whirlpool that can be either bubbly or calm depending on the tide. If you want, you can pay a little bit extra to swim with tame nurse sharks. 

After anchoring for the evening in the nearby Fowl Cay, jump headfirst into the water to snorkel around the boat before enjoying some cocktails and a chef-prepared dinner. 

Day 5: It’s time to begin our journey North. We will stop to visit the Sea Aquarium, a fantastic snorkel spot, along the way. We will anchor in Hawksbill Cay to enjoy the sugar sand beaches. Guests can also hike a unique trail that runs across the islands to visit the ruins of a Loyalist plantation from the 1700s. It is, in fact, one of the best-preserved loyalist ruins in the Bahamas. The best part is the secluded and hidden beach that lies just at the end of the trail. Enjoy paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing in this paradise.

Day 6: Off to Shroud Cay, where one of the  highlights of your charter will be adventuring through mangrove rivers from one side of the island to the other. Shroud Cay is a naturalist playground, and guests can opt to snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, or dinghy through this paradise. If you’d like, climb to the top of Camp Driftwood to enjoy some spectacular views.

Day 7: After one last dip in the turquoise blue waters of Exumas, we will head back to Nassau across the Yellow Banks. We will be sailing for the whole day, with a couple of stops here and there to enjoy the scenery. Please expect to spend your final night either anchored out (weather dependent) or docked in the canals of Coral Harbour. Take this opportunity to disembark and enjoy the nightlife before spending your last evening on board with us.

Day 8: Awake to a final breakfast on the yacht. Sip a cup coffee on the deck and soak in all the magic of the Bahamas before disembarking and bidding the crew goodbye. Until next time!

*Remember that we are here to help you plan your dream vacation, so the itinerary outlined above can be changed. All you need to do is discuss your needs with our crew, and we will do our best to make it happen. Do you want to stay one day longer for a particular bay or move on to a new experience? No problem, we are here to make your visit to the Bahamas unforgettable.