How it Works - Yacht Charter Basics

How it Works - Yacht Charter Basics

How do yacht charters work?

 Answering the questions:

·      What should you expect the trip to be like?

·      What's it going to be like aboard a yacht for the week?


Most people book a charter for seven nights, eight days, and pick a yacht with a captain and a cook. Maybe more crew if you have a big group or a big boat.

You will complete a preference list in advance of what you'd like to eat and drink, and what you like to do.  The crew will customize a menu and itinerary for you, any sort of food allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

The itinerary is something you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. Frequently, people have one or two spots they really want to visit, and they leave the rest of the planning to the crew to map out based on the preference sheet and what has been requested. For example, you might request beach bars and nightlife, secluded coves, family friendly hot spots, etc.

The crew are going to be experts on the sailing destination. They're going to know all the hotspots to go to and all the hidden coves, and they're going to make any sort of adjustments they need to, along the way based on the weather.

It's your boat for the week. The itinerary is flexible and up to you. If you get somewhere and decide that you really like it, you can stay there for two nights! You can ask the crew to adjust the itinerary so you can spend another night there and the crew will explain how it impacts the rest of the itinerary.  

On the average charter, you're going to unpack your bags once and wake up somewhere new every day. In the morning, when you get up and chef will prepare a fresh breakfast based on your preferences. After breakfast and coffee, you'll get sailing. Typically, you're going to sail for three to four hours a day and you might stop somewhere along the way for a snorkel or a swim or a little hike.

You're rarely going to be out of the sight of land.

This is called “coastal cruising” or “island hopping”. Often you can see where you're going before you leave. It might just be a speck off in the distance, but you're very rarely out of the sight of land.

Once you get to your destination in early afternoon, you have some choices. You can either hang out on the boat and use the water toys. Use the standup paddleboard, a kayak, whatever other features the boat comes with, or go with ashore.

In the Caribbean you're going to use a dinghy to get ashore. Which is a small boat that will bring you from the yacht to the beach. When you get ashore there's going to be beach bars, restaurants, maybe a waterfall hike, or some other natural attraction.

In the Mediterranean, you're typically docking each night and you can walk off and on the boat as you please. There's going to be cobblestone roads and shops to visit. Perhaps a medieval fortresses or some ancient ruins.

That's  the overview of what it's like to be on a yacht charter for a week.

There's obviously a little bit more that goes into it, like picking the right boat and destination, and that's where we come in and help. We provide some personalized recommendations. It's a conversation where we get to know you and what you're looking for, and then we send you a variety of options that would meet your criteria and then we help you evaluate them and narrow it down until you find the perfect yacht.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help you plan your next trip.

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