Experience the Culinary Marvels of MEDYS 2023's Chefs' Competition

Experience the Culinary Marvels of MEDYS 2023's Chefs' Competition

Seize The Day Yacht Charters is thrilled to take you on a gastronomic journey through the highly acclaimed MEDYS 2023 event. Held in the picturesque port of Nafplion, this international yachting extravaganza showcased the finest luxury crewed charter yachts from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May. As we delve into the festivities, we shine a spotlight on the Chefs' Competition, a revered highlight that celebrated the exceptional talents of Greek gastronomy.

The Zero Waste From the Greek Seas Theme:

One of the defining aspects of this year's Chefs' Competition was the thought-provoking theme: Zero Waste From the Greek Seas. Participants were tasked with creating culinary masterpieces that explored sustainable dining, local ingredients, and the awe-inspiring bounty of Greece's seas. The competition witnessed a spectacular display of culinary prowess, as each chef presented dishes that embodied the essence of zero-waste creativity.

The Esteemed Judging Panel:

Leading the panel of discerning judges were two renowned chefs, each holding prestigious 2 Michelin stars. Chef George Papazacharias, the culinary genius behind Athens' Delta Restaurant, joined forces with Chef Antonio Mellino of Italy's Quattro Passi Restaurant in Nerano. These esteemed chefs, accompanied by brokers Angela Zurlo and Bobby Biggio, faced the challenging task of determining the winner of this year's Chefs' Competition.

Category A Winners: Celebrating Greek Seafood

In the Category A competition, every chef showcased their exceptional talent and passion for Greek seafood. The dishes ranged from bold and unexpected pairings to classic and elegant creations, all expertly aligned with the zero-waste philosophy. Emerging as the winner of Category A was Emmanouil Perros from the M/Y Zen, whose refined and modern dish embodied the essence of zero-waste dining. Evangelos Vasileiou from M/Y Tropicana secured the second place, and Victoria Shcherbakova from M/Y Wide Liberty claimed the third-place position. The A category's best tablescaping award went to Nikoleta Patara of M/Y Wide Liberty, whose stunning decorations enhanced the dining experience.

Category A Platinum Winners: A Glimpse into the Future of Greek Cuisine

The A Platinum category showcased dishes that epitomized the future of Greek cuisine, blending exquisite flavors with conscious sourcing. After meticulous deliberation, the judges awarded Tatiana Kostantidi from M/Y Hakuna Matata the top prize for her exceptional dish. Tatiana's creation embodied the bold and exciting future of Greek gastronomy, highlighting the return to local ingredients, fresh flavors, and sustainable practices. Dionysios Lykiardopoulos from M/Y O'ptasia secured the second place, while Dimitris Paidis from M/Y Jo I claimed the third-place spot. Additionally, Nicole Petrou of M/Y Sole Di Mare received recognition for her elegant tablescaping arrangements.

The Prestigious Awards Ceremony:

The grand finale of the Chefs' Competition unfolded at the exquisite Valaora Restaurant in Nafplion. Attendees, including chefs, judges, and MEDYS participants, gathered to celebrate the remarkable creativity displayed throughout the event. Angela Zurlo and Bobby Biggio, alongside fellow MEDYS.

We are eagerly anticipating the 9th edition of the MEDYS and the highly anticipated Chefs' Competition, set to take place next year at the enchanting Port of Nafplion.