Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Croatia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Located on the Adriatic sea, Croatia is known as one of the sunniest destinations in Europe and is famous for its people, traditions, food, and culture. Almost every city and town within its borders has a story to tell. Lying on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, Croatia is famous for its beaches, rivers, and lakes. Its extensive, 2,000 kilometers coast has more than 1,000 islands, making it a favorite destination for those looking for adventure, nature, and beautiful seas to sail.

Luckily, we’ve taken away this hassle by designing a charter, which shows off the best of Croatia’s thousands of islands. Are you ready to begin your yacht experience in Croatia? Let’s go.


Day 1: Our adventure will begin at Seget Donji, a seafront village on the Split Riviera just 2m from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Trogir, a medieval old town with a beautiful waterfront. Once aboard the boat, you will be briefed before allowing to settle in and enjoy your welcome cocktail on board before we set sail for the small island of Solta. There we will dock for the evening, and guests can take the time to explore the small yet beautiful port village of Maslinica. 

A quick tip: Solta means the Island of Olives, so try some locally grown, hand harvest, and cold-pressed olive oil while on the island. 

Day 2: After breakfast, we will set sail for the island of Hvar and visit the town of Hvar, an ancient town with a rich history and exciting nightlife where we will anchor for the night. Once the boat is moored, guests are invited to go ashore to explore the old center of Hvar town. The town is a historical must-see, as it is home to the largest old square in Dalmatia, St. Stephens Square. After lunch, we will head to one of the main beaches around Hvar town to relax, sunbathe, or swim in the island’s crystal-clear blue waters. 

For dinner, guests can choose to head back to the boat or stay ashore and experience everything the town offers. From historic family-owned restaurants to world-class contemporary eateries, Hvar is home to many excellent places to eat Dalmatian cuisine. After you’ve finished eating, guests can head back to the boat or experience Hvar’s nightlife by going to one of the leading clubs or bars on the island. If you stay out, get ready to party all night long as this town doesn’t sleep. Our recommendation? Head to one of Croatia’s glitziest coastal bars, Carpe Diem. 

Day 3: After breakfast on board, we will sail to the island of Korčula, which is known as the birthplace of Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo. We will head to Korčula  Town, where guests can get lost in the maze of alleyways that criss-cross this beautiful walled town. For a stunning view and a perfect picture, climb the bell tower of St Mark’s cathedral to take in all of the surroundings. For lunch, guests will have their pick of restaurants within the historical center of Korčula Town. No matter the dish, make sure to order a Korčula glass of white wine. 

In the afternoon, we will head to the secluded and sandy beach of Pupnatska Luca before heading back to the boat for dinner underneath the stars. 

Day 4: Today, we sail to the Skirivene Luka (translated to Hidden Bay) on the island of Lastovo. This bay is also known as „Portorus“ and is one of the biggest and the most beautiful bays on the island of Lastovo.

For lunch, we will head on over to Porto Rosso. This family-owned restaurant offers guests authentic recipes, traditional meal preparation, homemade bread, wine made in the owner’s family home basement, and Croatian and international liqueurs and wine. 

The afternoon and evening are all about relaxation. Go swimming in the water, spend the day catching some rays on the sand or keep on drinking at Porto Rosso, the choice is yours. We will head back to the boat for dinner to enjoy another beautiful meal underneath the stars before heading to bed. 

Day 5: Once everyone is up and out of bed, we will say goodbye to the island of Lastovo and sail to Vis. On our way to the island of Vis, we will quickly stop by the blue cave of Biševo, a place of extraordinary beauty, which is one of the main tourist spots in the Adriatic Sea. The blue cave got its name due to the iridescent blue, glowing effect of the sunlight getting into the cave through a natural opening on its ceiling that reflects on the water.

Once arriving in Vis choose their pleasure. Walk through the historical city, do scuba diving in some of the most transparent crystal clear blue waters, kayak to the green cave, hike to the top of Mount Hum or spend the day lying on the beach—the option is yours. 

For lunch, guests can eat at the best pizzeria on the island, Karijola. Not only is the pizza delicious, but the restaurant has a beautiful location on a terrace over the Priorva peninsula and serves local Croatian wines that you can try. 

For dinner, we will head out to ​​Komiža’s Konoba Jastožera, a former lobster farm turned restaurant specializing in -- you guessed it -- lobster dishes as well as fish and meat dishes. Once you’ve had your fill opt to stay and wander the streets of the old town or head back to the boat. 

Day 6: After breakfast, we are heading back to Hvar, but this time we will be spending the day at Stari Grad, an ancient town founded by the Greeks over 2,4000 years ago. Once we dock, guests are invited to explore the city, buy some souvenirs, and try straogrojski paprenjok, the area’s traditional pastry. Once you are done exploring, we will head on over to one of the many beaches on the island. 

Day 7: On our last full day on the charter, we will sail back to the island of Trogir. We will stop along the way to allow guests to fully enjoy the Croatian turquoise blue waters before we dock at Seget Donji. 

Once we arrive, we will head ashore to find the perfect spot to have lunch on the beach before spending the afternoon relaxing and making the most of our last hours on the charter. 

Day 8: Good morning! Take your time to get up, drink a nice warm cup of coffee on the deck, and soak in all the magic of Croatia one last time. As this is the last day of your charter, you will disembark at the dockside of the village or the hotel if accessible by boat or dinghy. Until next time! 

*Remember that we are here to help you plan your dream vacation, so the itinerary outlined above can be changed. All you need to do is discuss your needs with our crew, and we will do our best to make it happen. Do you want to stay one day longer for a particular bay or move on to a new experience? No problem, we are here to make your visit to Croatia unforgettable.