5 Great Travel Destinations for Your First Yacht Charter

5 Great Travel Destinations for Your First Yacht Charter

Are you ready to embark on your maiden yacht chartering trip but have yet to settle on a location? To help you pick, here are the five best travel destinations for your first yacht charter and what each has to offer.

The British Virgin Islands

If you want a quiet, relaxing vacation spent touring small, cozy towns and nature, a BVI yacht charter might be right for you. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a British territory in the Caribbean known for their treasure trove of beaches and forests unspoiled by man and tiny towns lined with local shops and restaurants.

The US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands (USVI), like the BVI, are found in the Caribbean, except the USVI are an American territory. Despite their similar names, the BVIs and USVIs are pretty different. The USVI are known more for their club scene and the luxurious spas and restaurants that line the shore; there are also a lot of family-friendly attractions to do and see. For a thrilling, never-boring vacation, the USVI are a top spot!


Located just off the coast of the Adriatic Sea lies Croatia and its many islands. The mainland is home to medieval towns and cities that will make you feel like a king or queen, but a vibrant club and shop scene is hidden amongst the history. When you're done visiting the mainland, hop on your yacht and sail to one of this quaint country's 1,000 islands to see untainted beaches and lush greenery that will take your breath away.


Greece, the Mediterranean's angel, is one of the best travel destinations for your first yacht charter if you love to party and eat! Greece has a bustling nightlife and is known for its mouthwatering food and myriad island-grown wines. But that's not all there is to experience. You can also admire ancient sites like the Parthenon and the Delphi or take a walk across the country’s tranquil beaches.

The Bahamas

The quintessential summer vacation spot. While many have been to the capital of Nassau, there are over 3,000 islands in the Bahamas to explore! If you love the water, the Bahamas are ideal, with their warm and sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, and rich undersea life full of caves, reefs, and colorful sea creatures. These areas are prime for relaxing, diving, and snorkeling.

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