5 Amazing Party Islands in the Mediterranean

5 Amazing Party Islands in the Mediterranean

Are you looking for an unforgettable party vacation? Look no further than the Mediterranean, where you'll find an abundance of party islands. Here are the top 5 party destinations you need to visit:

Ibiza, Spain

Off the coast of Spain is the reputed Ibiza, known as one of the wildest party destinations not just in the Med but in the world. Ibiza has a 24-hour party culture, and you can find clubs and beach parties raging on at all times of the day. Ibiza is split into three main clubbing areas—Playa d'en Bossa, known for its super-clubs, San Antonio, home to a lively town center and numerous smaller bars and clubs, and the capital of Ibiza, which has a diverse international club scene.

Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is the most well-known of Croatia's many islands, and for good reason: it's party central! From June to September, Hvar comes to life. Jam out to acclaimed international DJs and sip cocktails on its pebbly and popular beaches. The Carpe Diem club and beach are arguably the most favored clubbing havens in this cool coastal town, but you can find other places to party on every street.

Mykonos, Greece

Cool, breezy winds, charming Cycladic architecture, and crystalline beaches sparkling offshore. At first glance, Mykonos looks like a beautiful, quiet town, perfect for rest and relaxation. But at night, this inconspicuous island turns into a party lover's paradise. All day and all night through summer, you can live it up on Mykonos. Relax—or dance—on the sands of beaches like Paradise Beach, stop by bars like the Belvidere Hotel for a drink, or enjoy live music at clubs like Scorpios.

Saint Tropez, France

Another amazing party island in the Mediterranean is Saint Tropez in France. Once a quaint French fishing village, Saint Tropez has transformed into a glamorous party town known for its bars, beaches, clubs, and yacht parties. It's also known for the celebrities who frequent it, like Beyonce and Rihanna! Whether you want to snag an autograph or party it up on sea or on land, Saint Tropez has countless options available to you.

Ischia, Italy

Ischia, Italy, has an exciting club scene. Party season runs from April to November, and during this time, you’ll find lots to do. Whether you want to visit the bars and clubs for drinks and finger foods or enjoy live music, dance, and folklore acts on the streets or in local pubs, there are activities to suit every partier’s taste. Some popular clubs include Discoteca Blu Jane, Valentino, and the Alchemie-Friends Club in Ischia Porto.

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